Images of northwest Kenya

The landscapes are big-sky country at their most brutally raw. Moonscape plains of rock. Scraggly bare-branched trees. Hills that twinkle in mineral-rich hues of muddy green and red.  And just when you think the parched land will roll on forever there is the emerald green ribbon of Lake Turkana slashing through the barren wilderness. It’s a harsh land. A bleak land. A place of hand-to-mouth existence eked out in scraps of villages held together by sticks and string. It’s not a place you forget in a hurry.

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13 thoughts on “Images of northwest Kenya

    • Not sure what you’re getting at here as I’m not ‘viewing’ the people ‘as nature’…it’s just a collection of photos that are a mix of both nature shots and portraiture of the Northwest Kenya Region.
      And ‘civilisation’ as you call it has reached up to Turkana. Fat fuck-load of good that it’s doing it so far.

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