Images of Algiers

The Algiers kasbah is all white-and-blue loveliness that tumbles down the hill towards the shore. It’s a winding labyrinth of alleyways, rimmed by tall, narrow buildings, that lead you on a merry maze of a stroll. Don’t bother with a map, they said. And they were right. Just head down. You’ll get out eventually.

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8 thoughts on “Images of Algiers

    • Hi Jeff, Algeria’s tourist visa requirements do change but as I understand it, if you want to independently travel you need to apply with either a letter of introduction from an Algerian (not great if you don’t know any Algerians!) OR with a confirmed booking from a hotel in Algeria which is really easy. The hotel will email or fax the confirmation to you and you then put that with your application. If you’re not fussed about doing the country independently then all you need is a letter from the Algerian tour company you’re using. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you for the response. I’ll have to look into Algeria for a future trip. For some reason I thought it was fairly closed off. I like to travel independently so I’ll look into my options.

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