Images from Algeria’s Sahara

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9 thoughts on “Images from Algeria’s Sahara

  1. Fantastic! You’ve got some great sunrise/set shots. I’m not crazy about that kind of heat but this photos piqued my interest. Any idea how old some of the rock art is?

    • Some are thought to date from around 7000 to 6000 BC and others from the Sahara’s Bovidian Period (5500-2000 BC) which hailed-in the end of the Sahara’s temperate climate. Amazing aren’t they. I’m fascinated by rock art.

      • WOW! That’s impressively old. I’m blown away by the rock art in the southwest US but it’s nowhere near that old. I too am fascinated by it. I never get tired of seeing it.

      • Yep. African and Middle Eastern history blows you out of the water when you first get here and even though I’ve lived and travelled all over the Middle East and North Africa since 2007, I still find it awe-inspiring.

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